Merry Christmas and Happy new year from Mythomakya, and thanks for your support!!!

2015 is the year of Mythomakya: first it was a dream, an idea, then a project and finally a reality.

This was possible thanks to our work but also (probably most of all) for your support!

Thank you very much!

We’ll see you on 2016 with new ideas ready to become a project!!!

King Xmas

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What’s inside the box of Mythomakya?

Inside the box of Mythomakya, you’ll find all you need to play 2 different games.

This means:

  • 90 “mith” cards
  • 14 “divinity” cards
  • 6 “apple” cards






The first game, called “Triunph of heroes” is simple and suitable for everybody, included families.

The second, “Challenge of Gods” is more complex and suitable for gamers.

In the next days we will explain the rules!

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Something has changed!

We are not using the crowdfunding in order to focus on the only important thing: the game!


Some weeks ago, we announced our agreement with a professional pubblisher of games, Pendragon Game Studio.




Who followed Mythomakya fromn the begin, knows that our idea was to make a crowdfunding to fund this project. With our partners we wonder if it was the best choice…

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